Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week 3 at SAW

Here is a simple 3D model of what I will be creating while here at SAW. The piece on the left is phase one. After the swing set has proven itself I will cut it up and reassemble it as pictured on the right.
These are the end caps for top bar of the swing.
Here are the finished sand molds.
I'm starting to get anxious to see them in iron!
Now that the molds are all ready I had a chance to drive out to the scrapyard in Rutland, Vermont. After three hours on the brink of heat exhaustion I came home with these:
Two electric forklift motors and a hydraulic pump!
The small one will be the power source for this:

This is a basic 3D model of the traveling sculpture yet to be titled.
The big motor will be put into this guy:
A '68 double cab that hopefully will make an amusing and practical electric vehicle to cruise around Detroit.
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